We don’t have a piano.  Can we use an electric piano until I know if my child is really interested?

You will need an acoustic piano.  Naturally, the best quality piano is optimal for beginning students. Pianos should be in good condition and a beginning student should have access to a fine piano.

How often and how long does my child need to practice?

At first, practice sessions will be short and frequent. Practice time will lengthen according to your child’s progress. At the Valencia Suzuki Piano Studio you will learn how to practice and how to work efficiently.  You will learn the difference between efficient work habits and wasted work habits.  Practice wiser, not longer.  Dr. Suzuki said, “You don’t have to practice every day, only on the days you eat.”

Will my child learn to read music?

Yes.  It is a great misunderstanding that Suzuki Method does not teach reading.  Your child will learn all aspects of piano playing and fundamental music studies; Music Theory, Rhythm, Solfege Singing, Ear Training and Music Writing.  Most of all, students learn to love music.

I don’t know how to read music.  Can I still help my child?

Yes, of course!  Sometimes having musical knowledge gets in the way and can cause friction between parent and teacher.  Lack of musical knowledge can be an advantage.

Will you come to my home to teach?

The Valencia Suzuki Piano Studio is built specially for Suzuki Piano Method teaching.  It is equipped with two Kawai grand pianos side by side and a place for parents and observers to sit comfortably and watch the lessons. It is focused on providing a beautiful, musical and educational environment.

Our child is 4 years old.  Is that too young to begin lessons?

No, it is not too young.  Beginning lessons are the most important and the most sensitive time to instill good habits.  In the first few months, children learn correct technique, correct practice habits, and the standards that will guide them throughout their entire course of study, and throughout their lives. It is quite difficult to change bad patterns that are created at the beginning.

What if my child misses lessons?

The Valencia Suzuki Piano Program follows the Bellingham Public School calendar.  It is essential that lessons are consistent throughout the school year.  Many students are involved in sports and outside activities, yet it is necessary to understand that piano lessons are not merely an extra curricular activity.

I don’t have time to practice with my child every day.

Yes you do.  You will find being present with your child is a precious gift.  Practice time means spending every day together engaged in something challenging and wonderful.  Time passes so fast.  You only get just a few years with your child.  Why not spend it giving them the ability to play a beautiful musical instrument?