I reflect on the positive ways in which my piano study informs me today.  I believe it taught me patience and instilled in me the value of working diligently for what you want to achieve – that impatience and haste don’t serve you when pursuing your goals. “Nothing worth doing is ever easy.”  Studying at the Valencia Suzuki Piano will teach you about your strength and weaknesses, it will help you discover, develop and communicate your personal creativity.  It will teach you how to effectively apply your time and energy in the pursuit of reaching your goals.”

Halley Farrell

I can’t think of anybody who cares about their students more, and who concentrates so much of her efforts on making her program comprehensive.  She does demand a lot of both parents and students.  It is not just you go for an hour and you are on your own.  It creates a cool team.”

Candy Galindo

Miss Tanabe truly loves all of her students and uses her music lessons to teach so much more than just music.  I learned life lessons about confidence and persistence that are a crucial part of the man I am today.  Valencia Suzuki Piano offers a worthwhile commitment.  Miss Tanabe has high standards, loves what she does, and is very good at it.”

Christopher Smith

Not only did piano lessons cultivate appreciation for music and enthusiasm towards learning, but in addition, helped me to develop self-discipline and a strong work ethic.  It positively impacted my academic performance, stage presence and drive to accomplish my goals.  It will teach your child principles that will help prepare them for success in any future endeavor.” 

Erin Keyes

While it’s important to emphasize her musical and academic excellence, they don’t come at the expense of personal connection, community or loving support.  I was always excited to talk to Miss Tanabe and tell her what was going on in my life.  Music things, of course, but also other things.  She was always interested in whatever was going on in my life.  She would ask me about things I was excited about.  It was kind of like a weekly check-in with a mentor.”

Claire Smith

Music is my entire life. Performances where I felt truly free were the biggest accomplishments for me.  These positive experiences did not come from just merely showing up at piano lessons and doing a cursory study of my pieces, but from hours of hard work, detailed practice and discipline that Miss Tanabe instilled in me over the years.”

Nicole Wakabayashi

Nicole Wakabayashi

Although grudgingly tedious at times, the hours I put into my piano was time well spent.  Miss T’s sometimes strict teaching pushes her students to their fullest potential, not to just skate by in music, but to excel.  My most satisfying accomplishment was sticking with the piano from elementary through high school and graduating from Miss T’s school 🙂  It was challenging sticking with lessons and practice.  Thankfully my parents made me stay with piano.”

Cheyenne Galindo

The hours I invested in piano were some of the most valuable.  I learned not only about music but about dedication and hard work.  There were times when I felt, “Why am I doing this?”, but when I was able to push past these feelings and focus on the goals in front of me, I realized just how much I was learning and growing.  Studying the piano as a child helped develop my discipline and drive, allowing me to open more doors for myself as an adult.  The values I learned from taking piano lessons with Miss Tanabe have helped me navigate college and be the most successful version of myself possible.” 

Griffen Schwiesow